Where Can I See The Proposals?

As of 9th October 2012, the final planning application for the Raeburn Place Development was made live on the Edinburgh Council Planning Portal. You can view the application and supporting documents here.

You can also view the plans and supporting documentation during normal opening hours at Stockbridge Library.

Note that a separate application has been submitted for demolishing sections of the current boundry wall. This application can be viewed here.

We encourage anyone concerned about the development to scrutinise these documents very carefully - together with other public statements made by the developer (see our Latest News page for updates) - and consider whether enough regard has been given to the wider needs of the area and community outside the immediate concerns of rugby and whether sufficiently robust assurances exist to protect the aspects of Stockbridge life that matter the most to you.

Key Dates and Milestones

9th October 2012
Date of submission of final planning application.

9th November 2012
Final date for submission of objections to original application.

15th April 2013
Final date for submission of objections to the revised application advertised on 25th March 2013.

31st Julyl 2013
Proposed date for hearing and planning commitee decision.

Petition Update

Many thanks to everyone who has signed a copy of our petition, either at one of the many local shops who had copies or by visiting one of our stands in the last few weeks. We have now collected over 3,000 signatures which cannot be taken as anything other than a very strong statement about how people in the area feel.

We shall be presenting individual copies of the petition to all the key decision makers in the next few days.